El Rio

3158 Mission Street, San Francisco , CA
+1 415.282.3325
El Rio Website
Live Music Bars, Happy Hour / Game Nights, Gay Bars
Mon-Sun (1pm-2am)
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A neighborhood bar with a Bay Area-wide clientele who enjoy being in a culturally, racially and sexually mixed environment to have a good time and find a mixed bag of enjoyable music and entertainment.

Happy Hour:  Mon - Fri 1pm - 8pm; Well and Draft $3




  • Get Your Drink On

    01/21/2004 by Tracie Broom

    So you're skipping dinner but you need to add some public stimulation to your evening. Then it's time to visit one of the plenty makeout bars in this town....  More »

  • Come Get Your Five Minutes of Fame

    The Amazing Embarrasonic Pumps out a Steady Stream of Make-Believe Rock Stars
    01/22/2001 by SFS Staff

    There are three drummers in this band. There are also three guitar players and three bass players. Which is funny, since there are only three guys in the band. And what exactly is/are The Amazing Emba...  More »


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