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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Events: Saturday, July 07, 2012
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at The Retro Dome (7:30pm)

The story of Frankenstein is a classic in American culture that was first a book written by Mary Shelley and was later interpreted...

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at The Marsh - San Francisco (8:30pm)

FWD: LIFE GONE VIRAL is a comedy that skewers the brave new world of Internet exhibitionism. Cohen and Varon play an oncologist,...

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Categories: Mission, Plays
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at 222 Club - NOW CLOSED next day (10pm - 2am)

T.K (aka Travis) will be making his way up from L.A for a super special cult of the acid house vinyl set. This man has one...

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Categories: San Francisco
at Quincy (all day)


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 (510) 547-1992
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at Phoenix Theatre (Thursday and Fri. 8pm Sat. at 8pm and 10pm)

Tides Theatre Presents '5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche' by Evan Linder & Andrew Hobgood Director: Jennifer Welch Assis...

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at San Jose State Event Center (9am)

Tahiti Fete is a cultural event featuring food, crafts, and Tahitian dance. Come and celebrate a cultural event like no...

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Categories: San Jose, Dance
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at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (3pm)

Bring your children to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library as they host their Puppetry Workshop for Kids. In this fun...

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Categories: San Jose
at The Blank Club (9pm)

The Flames and Rivals team together for a hardcore/punk show at The Blank Club. The Flames a a punk band from San Jose...

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Categories: San Jose, Punk
at Museum of Craft & Folk Art (11am-6pm)

Organized by artist Harrell Fletcher, this exhibition explores the relationship between art and agriculture from a variety...

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at Hotel des Arts (12am-11pm)

Jenny Chapman and Mark Reigelman's Manifest Destiny! is a temporary rustic cabin occupying one of the last remaining unclaimed...

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Categories: San Francisco
at The Independent (Show @ 9pm)

Cut through the floss and glitz. On the other side of the hype machine are artists that create because they need to, artists...

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Categories: NoPa/USF
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at Asian Art Museum (10am - 5pm, Thu till 9pm )

One of the most interesting things for the exhibitions team is discovering the way the objects from Phantoms of Asia have...

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at The X-Bar at Homestead Lanes next day (8PM to 12:00PM)

Remember when San Francesca were called Le Verita? They couldn't decide if they were a dance or rock band, just like early...

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at SLOANE next day (9:00pm-2:00am)

SLOANE proudly presents Claksaarb + J-TRIP - - - - - - - - - -...

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Categories: SoMa, Dance
at Cantor Arts Center next day (11am-5pm Wed-Sun; 11am-8pm Thurs)

Beginning February 29th, Stanford University's Cantor Arts Center presents a new installation featuring work by John Chamberlain,...

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at San Jose Municipal Stadium (5pm)

The San Jose Giants continue their 25th season hitting the field for three games with the Cucamonga Quakes. Last season,...

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Categories: San Jose, Baseball
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at Hellyer County Park (8:30p.m.)

Come join us for In The Park After Dark Movie Nights at Hellyer County Park! On July 7 we will be showing Happy Feet Two....

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Categories: San Jose, Family Film
at Varnish Fine Art (11am to 6pm)

In Creatures of Saintly Disguise, Jennybird Alcantara’s second solo show at Varnish Fine Art, the journey into her ever-unfolding...

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at Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose (12pm-12:45pm)

The Children's Discovery Museum is proud to host Island Spice-Polynesian Dance Revue in their outdoor Cadence Amphitheatre....

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at Museum of Art and History (11am-5pm)

Every Saturday throughout the month of July, the Museum of Art and History will host Art Market in Abbott Square. Everyone...

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Categories: Santa Cruz, Museums
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