Ritual Dubstep celebrates three years of bass tonight with London-based artists Seven and Square, plus trap DJ Mr Vandal.

The three-year anniversary party will also feature several other DJs in three separate dance rooms.

Ritual started in May of 2010 at Anu bar, moved temporarily to Temple night club and recently transitioned to Mighty. The party has hosted international talents like N-Type and Coki, in addition to California heavy hitters Minnesota and Megalodon.

The complete lineup:

Main Room

Seven (London-based dubstep)

Squarewave (London-based jungle / dnb)

Mr Vandal (Trap, Dubstep & Dnb from Salt Lake City, Utah)

Nebakaneza (Bay Area dubstep)

Johnny 5 (founded of music label Irie Cartel Recordings)

Bass Cellar Takeover Room

Ms Haze (female San Francisco-based DJ and producer)

Whoi (electronic artist from Novato)

Max Ohm (house, dubstep)

Funboi (electro-funk, New Hampshire native now residing in SF)

Zero Db – Outdoor Silent Disco

Dr. Knobz (glitch hop, future/808 bass, drumstep from Oakland)

Megowan (Bay Area EDM producer/DJ)

Dubzilla (San Francisco-based glitch hop, dubstep, trap)

There are also whispers of a sunrise after-party in the works.