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The Regency Ballroom
Doors @ 7:00pm; Show @ 8:00pm
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Back in the summer of 2005. It was with those spirited, explicit lyrics, laid on a booty-shaking pop electro beat, that Yelle, a young girl from Brittany (France), thought it was time to give Cuizinier, member of the provocative Hip-Hop band TTC some change for his money.

The minute this humorous track got put on her MySpace page, people rushed to hear it: 2000 plays after just two days, fan comments and private concert requests came from all over the world including places never heard of before, as well as crooked deals by major record labels (for example Source, the record label that was with France's electronic French Touch wave from the outset) who had spotted the bad girl in this eye-catching chick.

Yelle grew up with music, her dad being a famous musician in the Ctes d'Armor region, where she still lives today. She played the piano, then went on to acting, and played in a few bands that never made it past the rehearsals, but whatever: she knew she was a born performer.

Five years ago, she met GrandMarnier at a marshmallow party. This young musician and producer, was going back and forth between his own band and his student room where he was making beats on his computer. Although his teens were all about Rock music, he was drawn to electronic music after listening to the Beastie Boys and started mucking around with his machines. Yelle started singing on GrandMarnier's demos just for a laugh at first, but the combination of the boy's electronic loops and the girl's half-sung half-rapped voice worked so well that they naturally ended up producing an electro pop album all in French if you please. Yelle's golden voice was in the house!


  1. The Regency Ballroom
    1290 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA