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Wolfmother - Dimensions

Released on Interscope Records, 1/31/06

A scant two years ago, three creative types jammed in anonymity while paying their bills with fruitful, but vaguely unfulfilling day jobs. It's a clichéd storyline, but it's a story that still appeals and is still relevant for many musicians. Such is the case with Wolfmother.

Myles Heskett, Chris Ross and Andrew Stockdale comprise the Outback borne band that at times sounds like an amalgamation of Jet, Pink Floyd, and a myriad of other 70s era straight up rockers. Despite the lack of an original and distinctive sound, Wolfmother's EP Dimensions still manages to entertain with a handful of gritty, aggressive tunes that portent well for their self-titled debut album.

Leading things off is the up-tempo "Dimension", a tune that grabs a hold and never lets go. Lyrically reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's often wandering, epic ballads, "Dimension" tells the tale of a man wasting away in a desert slipping into another dimension. It's no "Kashmir", but it's still compelling.

We cleanly segue into the similarly otherworldly, "Mind's Eye" which manages to deftly combine aggressive rock with a internally contemplative soul. Yet again, Wolfmother manages to create an engaging track that is equal parts AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Derivative for sure, but it's still an adequate palliative for psychedelic cravings.

While Zeppelin they are not, Wolfmother unquestionably strikes a 70s chord that is infectious. With the ascent of retro-rockers like the Darkness and Jet, Wolfmother's got the musical chops to give the aforementioned a run for their money.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars