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William Orbit - Hello Waveforms

Released on Sanctuary Records, 2/21/06

I'll promise not to use the words "soundscape" or "musical journey" anywhere in this review -- which tend to be the adjectives that one usually falls back on when describing a William Orbit disc. He's one of the granddaddies of ambient with a signature sound you could just as easily find on an old mix tape as on the radio. Ever wondered where Sigur Ros got that odd chord progression from? Yeah.

William Orbit has been more recently known for his production work for mainstream artists like Madonna and Blur, which caused the scene to hiss "sellout". Here, he's still fresh and inventive with his sound, technically adept with the processing, pushing limits with the massive amount of equipment he uses. This album is exactly what you would expect from William Orbit. It's been 6 years since his last album, and this one is a bit self-important but hey, he's delivered a solid ambient CD if ever there was one out there today.

I wouldn't call it a must-check-out for new fans; try "Strange Cargo" if you're looking for something to really blow your hair back. For the fans and the scenesters who doubt that he's still got IT just because Ray of Light is a catchy little song, come on back to the fold.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars