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What The #$*! Do We Know!?

Quantum Physics for Dummies

This lo-fi, homegrown film explores the boundaries of reality, perception, emotion and quantum physics. Half-science documentary, half-dramatic recreation this movie falls short of its goal. Whatever that goal may be.

Over enthusiastic talking heads, who are not even identified until the very end, thus creating in the viewer a suspicion that when the lights go up they just might find themselves being approached by some kind of cult only to discover that the whole movie was a propaganda film for their group, are interspersed into an affected plot (with horrible, horrible melodramatic acting and distracting animation) that only serves to confuse the viewer rather than elucidate the concepts that are being discussed.

What The #$*! Do We Know!?'s audience seems to be those who have already explored the issues presented in the film and, therefore, the directors are preaching to the choir. Those who stumble upon this film who have not yet thought about the issues -- the time-space continuum, the power of the brain over the body, energy fields etc. -- will feel like they are being harangued by a bunch of kooks.

That being said, there are some interesting points which the films brings up. For example, Dr. Masaru Emoto's "The Message from Water" research which asserts that emotions can directly affect particles of water (and the world around you). He has conducted numerous experiments such as writing descriptive adjectives -- either happy/good or angry/bad words -- on bottles of distilled water and then examining the frozen water crystals which took on different shapes depending on the words on the bottle and the emotions they conveyed.

This movie needs a good deal of editing and organization; it digresses onto various subjects and the inane plot completely takes over the science at one painful point. While the directors and participants in this film mean good and seem to know what they are talking about, it is not presented in the best way.

Stars: 1 out of 5