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                         Living with Pleasure by The Welcomed Consensus

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                                  in your relationship and in your life.

 Sensuality and sexuality educators, the Welcomed Consensus offer retreats, courses and videos in sensuality, relationships and communication with a focus on female orgasm, which will improve communication, enhance sensual experiences and create greater intimacy.

Who is the Welcomed Consensus?
Dr. Patti Taylor writes -
"The Welcomed Consensus, an internationally known center for education of matters intimate, sensual, and sexual are most famous for teaching the Deliberate Orgasm or D.O. (the "DO"), a technique for giving a woman exquisite genital orgasmic gratification.

Learn what this practice is. Why are women so changed (for the better) by it? How do you do it? How pleasurable is it, anyway? How many times a day does a woman have an orgasm in this practice? Why is this a "female model of orgasm"? Why focus on female orgasm? What are "thunkspots" and when is the best time to touch them? What are some of the key guiding principles of Deliberate Orgasm that practitioners live by? How has it changed the lives of people in this practice? You will walk away full of ideas and inspiration."