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Performing Fri 04/29/2005 at The Warfield

Weezer burst onto the rock scene in 1994 with their self titled debut. With infectious tunes like ‘Buddy Holly’ and ‘Undone’, Weezer struck a chord and blazed a path with music that melded a poppy sound with angst-ridden and ironic lyrics. Their follow up album, Pinkerton appealed to some, but was a commercial flop by and large. A bit darker than the light hearted debut album, Weezer’s sophomore effort didn’t quite resonate with listeners.

It would be five years (2001) before Weezer would release another album. Again, the album was self titled (commonly referred to as the Green album) and sounded more like their first album. But, at a relatively brief thirty minutes, the album left many listeners wanting more. Maladroit would follow barely a year later skillfully incorporating a light pop sound with dark, edgy lyrics.

It’s been a few years since Maladroit was released and Weezer is a couple weeks away from releasing their latest album (05/10/2005), Make Believe. If the title track, ‘Beverly Hills’ is any indication; Weezer has not lost their sense of irony. The lyrics speak to the frustration of longing to be a mover and a shaker, but being confronted with a reality that provides few opportunities to become a high roller. The video has the band performing with 100 of their fans hanging out with Hugh Hefner and his bunnies at the Playboy Mansion.

The ‘Make Believe’ tour hits San Francisco on 4/29/2005 at the Warfield and will undoubtedly provide an opportunity for fans to move and shake to the tongue in cheek sounds of Weezer. Granted, it’s not hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, but it’s not a bad alternative.