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Weathering Winter

Brrrrr…It's Cold Outside

Weak -- that's me as I complain about our "winter". Try shivering lows in the 50's (I keep my apartment at a round 80 degrees). Worse, if the Groundhog sees its shadow on February 2nd, we may not only see more days of winter but also freezing temperatures that drop as low as the 40's!

Luckily plenty of "winter" gear is on sale to keep us warm at a reasonable price. Alpha Industries' melon ski jacket with a faux fur lined hood is on sale for $96 (original $138) at Azalea. It keeps you warm from waist up with a hood that conveniently zips down to reveal instant fur lapels.

Men can find their warmth in Energie's navy zip up jacket with also faux fur lining that peeps out near the collar. It's also on sale at Azalea for $111 (original $159). There are other great winter bargains at Azalea's Best of Winter Sale that includes clearances on J. Lindberg, Cabral, and Ted Baker for up to 40% off.

San Francisco's winter also portends lots and lots of precipitation. Take cover at SFMOMA (San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art) to catch Roy Lichenstein's exhibit showing through February 22nd. You can then mosey into the store to select publications that cover Lichenstein and the other Pop Artists to peruse on your cozy couch or in your warm bed.

Another way to beat the blistery winds is to geek out and stay at home with Play Station II. There are a couple exciting games that recently hit the store which include "Call of Duty" ($39.99) where you and your squad head back in time to World War II and engage in some serious battles in Russia, North Africa, and Belgium.

For something less violent and more comical, try "Katamari Damarcy" ($29.99). The game features quirky and insane cosmic animations that you and a friend can engage in 2-player battle mode.

Fortunately there are plenty ways to battle the cold. With sales of winter jackets that keep your body warm, art exhibits that allow you to take shelter from the rains, and books and video games that keep you company, you will be well armed to weather those fierce winds and chilling temperatures for this winter.