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We Care Spa

A Taste of Desert Hot Springs

If you’re thinking of a winter getaway that’s more about detoxing than après-ski, consider the rustic spa and resort town of Desert Hot Springs, in Southern California’s Coachella Valley. This is a haven for people tuned into the restorative and curative properties of the area’s surrounding mineral waters.

Aside from the clean air and stunning vistas of the valley, and a small-town ambience that particularly appeals to world-weary urban dwellers, Desert Hot Springs is one of the choicest hamlets around for a little R&R and healing.

Cradled in the foothills of Joshua Tree National Park and just a few minutes from Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs is known by many as harboring some of the world’s most therapeutic mineral water — not to mention the country’s best municipal drinking water. Guests from all over the world flock to the area’s thermal waters, which have often been ranked in the same category as the famous healing pools of Baden-Baden, Vichy and Evian. The open desert landscape and crisp air complement the treats that visitors can expect to find in the two aquifers nestled beneath the town.

Many Americans suffering from mineral deficiency welcome the opportunity to visit the medicinal hot springs and experience water in its pure and natural state. But as you detoxify externally by absorbing minerals, you may want to consider the program at We Care Spa, a detoxification spa in Desert Hot Springs that focuses on restoring balance by paying attention to your internal organs.

By giving your body the opportunity to stop focusing on the digestion of solid foods, which can often take its toll on the colon and intestines, We Care allows visitors to flush out accumulated toxins and integrate effective cleansing methods into their regimen, which can range from a three-day to a four-week program. The program, which has catered to clients from far and wide for the last 16 years, promotes health and raises energy levels, while also aiding in the maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Freshly squeezed juices, herbal teas, barley and wheatgrass shots, and purified water with lemon fill the commodious kitchen area. Essentially, We Care offers a 400-daily-calorie liquid fast packed with enzymes, vitamins, and acidophilus that, paired with herbal teas and pills, gets you up to the recommended intake of 1,200 calories. It is accompanied by daily colonics that flush the body of harmful toxins.

By replacing the body’s waste with high-nutrient liquids and zapping clients of cravings and addictions to substances like cigarettes and caffeine, We Care ensures that the spa experience has results that go beyond a simple week of mindless pampering.

In order to prepare the body for the juice diet and provide a more gentle transition,
visitors are instructed to follow a strict diet of water and raw or steamed vegetables for four days to a week before starting their regimen at the spa.

Upon arriving at We Care, where health attendants ply you with herbal teas and mineral supplements, you’ll be led off to your first colonic cleanse. Here, your technician will speak to you in depth about your lifestyle and wellbeing. The process of purification is actually gentler than most would expect, especially because We Care seeks to meet clients’ needs in a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Amid cleanses and a strict schedule for drinking your juices, you can take meditation and yoga classes, get facials or massages, go for a hike on the rustic desert premises, take a dip in the Jacuzzi, or simply lounge poolside and chat with your fellow detoxers.

While lymphatic stimulation can be improved by undergoing colonic cleanses, perhaps a more pleasant way to aid in the detoxification process can be experienced by taking advantage of other specialized treatments that are meant to pamper you as well as allow for detoxing at even deeper levels. Organic spa products that are designed with the objective of feeding your body with the nutrients it requires for nourishment and restoration line the shelves of the We Care lobby.

The Magnesium Detox treatment is a signature therapy that combines infrared sauna, negative ions, amethyst, and magnesium in an herbal wrap that aids in releasing tension and relaxing muscles, nerves and soft tissues. A lemongrass scrub with natural sea salt will invigorate your senses, while a combination massage will help smooth out muscular kinks and send you into a zone of maximum relaxation.

The uninterrupted cycle of cleansing and relaxation is certainly aided by the gorgeous scenery surrounding We Care. Conceived by environmental designer Jennifer Johnson, We Care Spa is modest yet luxurious at the same time. Huge deluxe suites with sunken bathtubs, Moroccan mosaic tiles, and exquisite mountain views make We Care the perfect desert oasis. As you drink in the scenery over a cup of herbal tea, just remember that the spa offers guests another perk: complimentary day passes to the local natural hot springs. After all, a spa trip to the country’s preeminent area for hot springs just wouldn’t be complete without a sojourn to its waters.

We Care Spa
18000 Long Canyon Road
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Desert Hot Springs, CA