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Waxing Season

Three Places To Go Bare

We’re not exactly out of the prolonged San Franciscan foggy season, but the promise of balmier temperatures calls for certain preparations. With swimsuit season nearly upon us, you might be in need of a bikini wax, or exploring the idea of taking it all off with a Brazilian. Going the way of the wax for hair removal isn’t always a walk in the park, but here are three establishments that make it look easy.

Flourish Skin & Wax
Aesthetician Andrea Mazzola gives good face, as her customized medical-grade facials will have you know, but her one-woman Marina studio is also a safe haven for waxing aficionados and shy newbies alike. The congenial Mazzola is known for her quick and efficient (and near-painless, as her fans will have you know) Brazilians. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be out of her cozy treatment room in tip-top condition — and you won’t need a glass of wine to help you get there.

Of course, her tips on the proper care of your nether regions are part of what make the process easier than it might be otherwise. Mazzola recommends that sensitive clients take an Aleve about an hour prior to the appointment, and also, that they refrain from shaving in between appointments (which makes the wax hurt a little more than it should, and which can also lead to prickly shaving bumps). Exfoliation is also a must if you’re jonesing for smoothness, but most of the time, Mazzola’s no-fuss work will get the job done for you.

Lonni’s Punani Waxing
Given the name that aesthetician Lonni Kutzen decided to give her waxing salon, there’s really no need for shrinking violets to walk through her doors and enter this hair removal mecca. Despite the no-holds-barred approach to taking it all off, Kutzen specializes in putting absolutely everyone at ease (aside from Brazilians, she also does manzillians for men and booty waxing). The uber-chic, arty environment also helps. Oh, and if you have hairy friends, Kutzen will travel. Her waxing parties are a hit among bachelorettes and their posses.

Your first Brazilian wax will set you back $65 and maintenance sessions are $55. Combine a full leg and Brazilian wax for $100, and if you don’t want to take it all off, bikini waxes start at $35. Manzilians start at $75.

Pretty Parlor
Sarah LaShelle’s Mission District waxing and skincare studio is popular among beauty mavens with a penchant for perfect eyebrows and elegantly coiffed (or sans coif altogether) lady parts. The feminine digs and the complimentary champagne pre-treatment make the experience of getting waxed slightly less nerve-wracking. LaShelle’s reputation for methodical 15-minute Brazilians, as well as her amiable tableside manner, also sweeten the experience. If you’re still gun-shy, consider the numbing spray that you can opt for before a waxing. Pretty Parlor’s post-wax soothing balm also does wonders for soothing inflamed and irritated skin.