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Wanna Get Your Groove On?

That's What One Night Stands Are For!

As an institution, one night stands are enticing because they exist as encapsulated moments in time, never to be drawn out or belabored. They are all about unadulterated pleasure for pleasure's sake. Nothing serious, just uninhibited fun fun fun. Same is true of this Sunday's annual "One Night Stand" extravaganza at Slim's. Once a year, members of San Francisco's finest musical ensembles mix it up and form new groups, effectively "cheating" on their beloved bandmates -- for one long, hot n' steamy night of cover songs.

The show always delivers a high-energy explosion of creativity as the city's most talented musicians and performers camp it up in the name of a good cause. This year's show will benefit The Twin Towers Orphan Fund, a program that provides long-term educational and welfare assistance, including mental and physical health care benefits, to children orphaned as a result of the September 11 attacks.

With members of Oranger, Petrol, Creeper Lagoon, Blue Period, Magnified, Tokyo Marine Fire, Lean, Fetish, Luster, Kingdom First and Enda, this year's show promises, as always, to be a memorable evening of guilty pleasures in the form of well-loved tunes from yesteryear. This may be the only One Night Stand you can actually feel good about. You'll have a fabulous time, you won't regret it in the morning and you'll be supporting a very imporant cause. You know you want to...