Vocal Aerobics with Robert Robinson

301 Eighth Street Suite 205, San Francisco , CA
+1 510.913.3157
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Vocal Workout Class


Where: San Francisco Conservatory of Dance

301 Eighth Street Suite 205

San Francisco CA


When: Wednesday Nights 7:00 - 8:15 pm

How Much: $30 per class


This 75 minute class puts you through the necessary body, breath and vocal exercises that have been time

proven to take your vocal instrument to the next level. This technique is for everybody, whether

your a beginner, a pro, or anyone in between, like an aeorobics or spinning class, this class

focuses on the working out, or the trainging of the voice rather than on songs.


Quite simply, take the class, improve your voice.


Robert teaches the traditional Italian Garcia-Marchesi technique which includes Bel Canto breath

strengthening exercises. This artistic technique produces a free voice that embodies an enormous

range both dynamic and tonal. It is the essential key to singing any style, be it opera or rock.


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email us: john@jdsvoice.com

Call us: 510-913-3157

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