Video Analytics at the Edge: Fun with Apache Edgent, OpenCV and a Raspberry Pi

Wed Sep 20
06:00 PM
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About the Event:
Apache Edgent (incubating) is a streaming programming model and runtime designed to accelerate the development of analytics on small edge devices or gateways. Enabling streaming analytics on edge devices can reduce the load on data center and communication costs. Furthermore, edge analytics can reduce decision making latency and enable device autonomy. Edgent uses a functional API to compose processing pipelines with immediate per-tuple computation, and also provides a suite of connectors which greatly ease communication with a backend. This presentation introduces Apache Edgent and provides a video analytics use case to illustrate its programming model and capabilities.
About the Speaker:
Will Marshall joined IBM as a software engineer in 2014. He is currently working on the IBM Streams project as part of the language team, and is a committer to Apache Edgent. Before that he worked in UPenn’s GRASP lab and was a contributor to the OpenStack project.

6:00 pm – Doors open, networking & snacking
6:30 pm – Event kickoff
7:30 pm – Networking & departure

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