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Versus The Mirror - Home

Released on Equal Vision Records, 4/18/06

Tucson, Arizona is the fountainhead for a young five-member band, reflectively named, Versus The Mirror. With their debut album, aptly called Home their music strikes listeners with a build of riveting rhythms and driving, gritty guitar riffs stitched with a dreamy but rocking pop sense.

At first, their sound mirrors the steady, harder edge of rock as if early Def Leppard, Green Day and Lincoln Park had a project child. What overshadows their music is whom they designated the lead vocals to -- one David Siebold. The lyrics have a contemplative, ruminating quality, written clearly by a young mind still grappling with the vocabulary to express unease and its disorder.

As seen in the track "(I Am) The Master of Gravity": "I hid my face in your dress, to act as my disguise, to hide the face that in thirteen years, I would see my own damn eyes", as the emotion builds momentum, listeners are jolted with jarring vocals that balk and bawl these thoughtful lyrics with a overdeveloped sound of guttural gurge inflicted with a corrosive digestive problem.

After a song or two, you wonder if you are being barraged and berated. To Siebold's credit, he delivers a relentlessly solid, tough and consistent one-chord-screaming-venture. For those who are into raspy-croaky vocals to music (think Rammstein on speed) you can enjoy them before his next dose of honey and slippery elm to soothe those vocal chords.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars