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Leave No Doubt Behind

For the second year in a row, the USC Trojans have won a national championship. This time, there is little doubt the Trojans are the top team in the country. Last year, there was another Oklahoma team that should have probably been ranked number three and they got in the way of what would have been a great LSU / USC match-up. This year, it was more of the same, putting an over-ranked Oklahoma Sooner team in the Orange Bowl instead of the deserving Auburn Tigers. To be fair, it wasn't evident before the kickoff, because the game had the makings of being a great one.

Aside: For some reason coaches and polls alike fall for overpowering rushing based offenses who can't adapt when the rush fails. It's happened so many times it begs the question, why do they (we) keep falling for the same kind of team?

Why wasn't it more obvious before the orange juicing USC gave Oklahoma? I think one month of prep time is a big reason. Give talented, hyper-athletic players and great coaches time to learn and study for a game, they will ace it every time. But the Sooners had that same chance. So yes, USC coaches deserve praise. But a big number two reason was the early turnovers and the fact that USC converted them into touchdowns. Not just points, touchdowns. Once you make Jason White become the primary weapon... And that brings up the defense.

The defense stifled the Sooners and made it difficult to do what they do so well - RUN. Once that weapon was taken out of the equation, White began pressing, which he did in last year's big game as well. Result, more turnovers. This Sooner team has a great rusher and a lot of speed at the receiver position. The quarterback can launch it a mile. And the combination for most college teams is disaster. But faced against an equally athletic defense and an incredible pro set the USC offense serves up... We know the result.

How do we fans get off the merri-go-round? Who do we speak out against / to? I don't know. The only thing I know about this matter is this word: PLAYOFF. Put the top eight teams in a playoff.. The first round would be the final non-bowl game of the season. This would minimally affect the bowl tradition while giving us and the teams themselves a true champion. The final four could rotate between the top bowls - Orange, Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Fiesta...

The alternative is year after year of the best "selected by computer / human bias" games. I say "NO". Take 1A Football even higher with a Final Four, no slight to hoopsters, that will knock everybody out. And just like USC on Tuesday night, it would leave no doubt behind.