New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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Upside Down America


IN these topsy turvy times, it seems like all we can mutually establish is a general support for common values and a love of alcohol. While one brings us together, the other one, as I have seen, sometimes father apart. In the midst of what has been repeatedly called, ďthe most important election of our lives,Ē tempers seem to have been be ignited on television and in the streets. Now while this may seem like a turbulent climate, it is just the perfect settings to do one of my favorite things: dish.

While some, more venerable members among us have been logging long hours of phone calling and grass roots Obama/Prop 8/Prop K support, others have been out basking on warm nights and in even warmer bars. Things have been getting mighty sticky, and Halloween is just upon us. For instance, while out at The Cat Club for Porn Star on Saturday Night, twinky go-go call boys were rocking out in Obama hot pants. When a group of log-cabbiners started making snide comments, one could have cut the tension with a knife. As words started flowing, I bailed out. After all, it felt like 2003 at the Cat Club -- and I donít miss that year! YET!

It seemed like every time I took to the street I ran into a tranny or a glam boy on his way to the gym or the club or the salon. They have all been pumping, primping, and preening to be ready for the streets. With a bevy of events and benefits, it's hard to see how they could avoid it. Everyday is another fundraiser to save gay marriage, elect Obama, make prostitution legal, and change it all up. I canít help but think about the community that will emerge when all these brilliant measures are ushered in.

One thing that was surely ushered in last week, weeks prior to the election, at the Lady Gaga concert at 550 Barneveld, and was the worst drag Christening I have ever heard. The Loquacious Pollo Del Mar gave one of the TobyGo team members the moniker of IntoxiKate Hudson due to his drunken state. While I was not enthralled with this choice, I do presume that making fun of anyone who is shit-faced wasted is always a good thing. Also, making fun of TobyGO also seems like a service at any price!

While Pollo was pointing fingers at drunkards, another mistress was having the finger pointed at herself. The curvaceous Ginger Snap, replete with bags and bags of drag at the Castro Starbucks, told me that her last installment of Snap-a-licious was a total nightmare, due mostly to the fact that she was so tanked she could hardly stay on her heels. While its true that they say sex and drugs do fine through economic downtimes, one never would imagine that it would extend all the way to the revered of the stage. Regardless, Gingerís snap-dragons are talented enough to carry drunk mama through the show. It seems like Ginger started drinking on the flyer, and didnít stop until long after the curtain closed.

While Ginger recovers from her hangover, the rest of us will inevitably be searching for the most fun pre-Halloween haunts to keep us busy and bewitched. There are lots of options, though, not surprisingly, you will find me at M4Mís House of Salad Night this very evening at SF Underground. There are a whole line-up of performers, hot go-go boys and DJís at the event, but its all very hush hush as to who they will specifically be! I want t o find out, and next week I plan to break someone elseís Pinkyswear and let you know, too. All that, and my voting guide, when I see you again!