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Unique Jewelry

Beads, Baubles, and More

Itís a Saturday night and youíre ready to party with the girls until you realize that you have absolutely nothing to wear. Donít fret! A flashy wardrobe always takes a backseat to some show-stopping hardware. Here are three special places that specialize in jewelry thatíll glam up any tired getup instantaneously.

Beyond Beads
For those of you who never got into knitting or crochet, consider beading. Itís way more addictive, and places like Beyond Beads will indulge your habit generously, given their dizzying variety. Beyond Beads offers glass jewelry and an assortment of semi-precious beads for the crafty, creative fashionista at wholesale prices. Murano glass pendants, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, and sterling silver chains are just some of the treats you can find here at a fraction of the cost.

At this airy Russian Hill boutique, fine art meets fashion. A compendium of vintage and antique jewelry from various periods of history takes center stage beneath gallery-style lighting. Elle-meme, which translates to ďherselfĒ in French, prizes quality over quantity. Every piece youíll find here is lovingly handpicked by the aesthetically minded staff.

Trinkets range from forget-me-not Art Deco lockets to faceted Victorian brooches to contemporary pieces crafted from wood or metal. While keynote items will stretch your budget just a bit, chunky rings and resin bangles will appeal to appetites that are frugal yet funky. Costume jewelry and precious gems brush elbows, and youíre always encouraged to mix and match. Overall, this is the best spot for traditionalists who prefer their fashion way forward.

Stuart Moore Gallery of Designer Jewelry
This chic Union Street jeweler specializes in clean, modern designs and engagement rings that are as unique as they are unpretentious. Tiffany lovers might opt for a different place to go rock hunting, but admirers of stunning, fluid, contemporary ornamentation will flock to Stuart Moore.

Sure, most items are appended with multiple dollar signs, but this is definitely the boutique to keep in mind for unostentatious keepsakes. Itís also great for unisex designs. Steven Kretchmerís sophisticated angular pieces are perfect for the discriminating male connoisseur, while Niessingís polished rings in tension-set steel make for elegant wedding bands in general. Carl Dauís geometric-inspired jewelry is the stuff you might find in a modern art museum, while Tina Freyís bubble resin rings, which come in a range of frosty colors, will let you walk out in style without breaking the bank.