UNION PACIFIC, Tristan Puig, Rose Droll, Rachel Toups

Event has passed (Tue Aug 15, 2017 - Tue Aug 15, 2017)
Neck of the Woods
$7 - $10


Union Pacific : Warm, sun-soaked tunes packed with open-heart lyrics, sing-a-long harmonies.The resulting style is a sometimes off-kilter and always endearing brand of pop music that works just as well on a sunny afternoons as it does on rainy nights or San Francisco’s signature grey days, depending on which direction you want your heartstrings to be pulled.

Tristan Puig : Beautiful baritone vocalist on tour from Los Angeles, CA. Bluntly poetic lyrics will give voice to our innermost torments and allow us to be reborn though them.

Rose Droll is a songwriter from San Francisco. She writes a lot of songs and records them all at her home, with an emphasis on layering lots of harmonies. Her music has been described as haunting, so now she feels like a ghost. She's working on an EP due out in November, and her favorite animal is the cat.

Rachel Toups is a Louisiana-born artist based in San Francisco. Through haunting live performances and poignant lyrics, her contemporary approach to Southern Gothicism elicits themes of memory, loss and wilderness.


  1. Neck of the Woods 406 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA