Ubercool Aussies & Didgeridoo...in a hip SF church built for sound

Event has passed (Sun Aug 25, 2013 - Sun Aug 25, 2013)
St Gregory's Episcopal Church
6pm-9pm, doors at 5:30pm
Health & Wellness, Music


This is so cool! We can fly to Australia...or head on down to Potrero Hill to hear these dudes play didg in a church built specifically for sound.

To hear them, and get a sense of their sound and presence, please come peek at:


San Francisco’s Vibrant Reiki joins forces with an awesome group of Aussie Shamans for a night of sound healing and shamanic initiation unlike any other. One Tribe learned the healing art of the didgeridoo from aboriginal elders. Over the last four years, these instrumentalists, vocalists, and percussionists have brought this ancient and uniquely Australian sound to more than 10,000 people in live performances.

“They are coming from halfway around the world to offer powerful shamanic initiation that will blow your mind and rearrange your molecules forever,” says Anna Dorian, Founder and Owner of Vibrant Reiki, and Co-Host of the evening. The event takes place August 25 at 6pm in St Gregory’s Cathedral in Potrero Hill, which was built for acoustic performances like this. “The space is incredible,” she says, “it’s home to 3,000 feet of fascinating and hip saints, animals, stars, mystics, musicians, mathematicians and artists from the ages.”

One Tribe is coming from one of the most remote cities in the world: Perth, Australia. Their sounds are certainly inspired by their surroundings. “We use the didgeridoo, vocals and drum along with the help of the natural spiritual world to create a safe, sacred place for real inner change,” One Tribe says.

August 2013 marks the release of One Tribe’s third album, Star Gazer, and also their first tour of the United States. This event is special because it is not only a sound healing, but an initiation into their medicine wheel.

“In the initiation, we'll open the doors of reality and step through the gate of the medicine wheel into the embrace of the ancients,” Anna says. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, friends.”


  1. St Gregory's Episcopal Church
    500 De Haro St, San Francisco, CA