U.S. Presidents' Family Tree Chart poster premiere Borders Bookstore Santa Cruz

Event has passed (Sat Feb 13, 2010 - Mon Feb 15, 2010)
Borders Bookstore Santa Cruz
11a-5p author and Whitte House chart on display any hour
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Take Part in History! You are invited to a fundraiser for BridgeAnne d'Avignon, creator of the U.S. Presidents' Family Tree Chart, and local 12-year old student at Monte Vista Christian School.
When you purchase your 1st Edition U.S Presidenta' Family Tree Chart for $19.95, you will help Bridgeanne travel and present President Obama the chart for the White House as a gift from the American people.
The chart shows how all U.S. presidents but one, Martin van Buren, are direct descendants from King of England, John "Lackland" Plantagenet, reluctant signer of the Magna Carta at the beginnings of democracy in 1215. Find out how the presidents are all cousins on the chart to one common ancestor. No historian has ever achieved this, no one chart anywhere but this one you can buy shows these facts.
BridgeAnne searched her grandfather's extensive genealogical database gathered over decades, and proved his theory that all the presidents are related (but one). The poster is in full-color with each president, term of office, with each ancestor's name and birthdate going back to Plantagenet.
The author will be there from 11am-5pm each day Sat-Mon; the framed poster destined for the White House will remain on display, and you can buy these first editions at any hour. Public parking is next door.
Each president has numerous lines back to Plantagenet and the poster shows the one with verified birthdates. President Obama's mother's Dunham side leads back to Plantagenet. Bridgeanne has discovered Prsident Obama is also an 18th direct cousin of Queen Elizabeth II with a later common ancestor, a Duke John Howard. BridgeAnne has just been on BBC Radio Up All Night and NBC KSBW from Salinas at the unveiling of the chart. Worldwide curiosity has caused the news to go viral from China to France. So many requests of people wanting the chart motivated her family to have 1,000 printed at local Casey Printing in Greenfield. You can see what they look like at www.WeAreAllRelated.com if you cannot make it to the Presidents' Day weekend fundraiser. Part of the proceeds will go to Monte Vista Christian School where she is a 7th grader.
BridgeAnne has been using a computer since she was 6-months old, and used a graphics program on her laptop to produce the circular design of the chart. It is easy to understand with each presidents' linage. Genealogists and historians are stunned by the comprehensive work and teachers are proud of her showing what a kid can to with homework that is not assigned. Come and see the quality work for yourself. Borders Bookstore Santa Cruz General Manager Chris Woodbridge is enthusiastically supporting local authors and creators like BridgeAnne, however, it is rare that one has national and international significance. Help Bridgeanne get to Washington DC.


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