Two Gallants

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The Independent
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Two Gallants

After a two year break, the San Francisco guitar-drum duo TWO GALLANTS will begin touring again this summer across the North America and Europe. The well needed time off came after 6 years of incessant touring and the release of 3 full length studio albums and an acoustic EP. The band consists of childhood friends Tyson Vogel and Adam Stephens who met on their elementary school playground at the age of 5. Despite an initial disagreement and ensuing scuffle over the supremacy of White Lion vs. White Snake, the two have been best friends ever since. They have been playing music together in some capacity since 1994, when their parents made the mistake of giving them both electric guitars for Christmas. Around 2002, the two college dropouts found themselves with some time on their hands and silence to kill; and so with an acoustic guitar and a trap set they formed TWO GALLANTS in the basement of the Vogel residence. In an ongoing unspoken competition to out do one another, the intervening years have seen the two-piece increase their volume and gear ten-fold. The bands' sound is somewhat of a syncretism of American old-timey roots music with the grunge and east bay punk of Tyson and Adam's formative years. The last show they played together was headlining The Fillmore in their hometown in December 2008. In the two years since, both have released solo material under The Devotionals and Adam Haworth Stephens, respectively. But now they are looking forward to getting back to the haranguing strident noise that fuelled them across the world for 6 years. Come see TWO GALLANTS perform in a town near you this summer and look forward to a new album in the not too distant future.

The Mumlers

The Mumlers are a group of multi-instrumentalists from San Jose, CA led by songwriter Will Sprott. Their name came from a Ouija board. They released their first record, Thickets & Stitches, in 2008 followed in 2009 by Don’t Throw Me Away—both on Galaxia Records. Known for their topsy-turvy live performances, the band has toured the US with the Black Heart Procession, the Morning Benders and the Submarines, headlined San Francisco’s 2010 Noisepop festival, played the 2010 Treasure Island Festival alongside Belle & Sebastian, Broken Social Scene, the National and She & Him and shared stages with lots of other bands including Yo La Tengo, Booker T. Jones, Vetiver, the Entrance Band, the Dodos, Kelley Stoltz, Papercuts and Clinic as well as underground heros such as the Legendary Stardust Cowboy & Darondo.

Critic Dennis Cook, of Jambase, has called them a, “bobbing, beautiful iceberg” and noted in a review of their most recent LP, “One is starting to get a feel for what constitutes a Mumlers tune but woe to anyone who thinks that notion has any real parameters. As they grow and extend their own listening and playing there’s really no telling what might get pulled into their gravity, which makes for really exciting music. With The Mumlers a crazy range of music appears to be fair game to be enthusiastically engaged and manipulated to their ends. And one of the best overriding aspects is the dust and rust in their machinery. Nothing’s too tidy on Don’t Throw Me Away, where soft and low dewy-eyed testaments to love alternate with saucy lines (and the music to match them). Playful and heartfelt, The Mumlers sophomore effort confirms the floating promise of the boffo debut and builds on it in a way that makes one salivate quietly for record number three, four, etc.”


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