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They Want Our Blood

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Regardless of any reviews that are written about this film, Twilight will break records, become a multi-million dollar franchise, and worm its way into the hearts of tweens across the country. The book series has already accomplished this feat and, in turn, so will the films. The familiar story has been told before: girl falls for boy, boy wants girl, but some force keeps them apart.

The force? Boy is a Vampire. Still, love conquers all. Itís the love story that propelled Twilight from the top of the best-seller list to the silver screen, but itís the twist to the story that has tween girls swooning at mention of the name Edward Cullen. Vampires, for whatever reason, are fashionable and Twilightís author Stephanie Meyer capitalized on the popularity and created the biggest phenomenon since Harry Potter.

Despite the twist to this familiar story, this film failed enormously, mostly due to how it was made and not the story it told. To be honest, it appeared like an amateur filmmaker taking on more then they could handle. Iím sure that Director Catherine Hardwicke (Lords of Dogtown, Thirteen) had a tough time making it due to the popularity of the books, but a great filmmaker is someone who can stay true to the feeling of the original work while still making it their own. I didnít feel that Hardwicke really took the story to heart. She merely attempted to put a popular book on screen and nothing else.

It isnít that I didnít like the story, either. I found it cute and charming -- I was just never convinced by the way it was portrayed on screen. I wasnít persuaded that these kids (well one kid and a Vampire) really loved each other. The set-up was sloppy and forced. From the beginning Bella (Kristin Stewart) wasnít at all afraid of Edward (Robert Pattinson) after he used his bare hands to stop a truck heading her way.

There was something about the way she went about getting answers that was very unrealistic. Stewartís acting does bear some of the blame, however. After twenty minutes I was already bored of her twitching, depressive mannerisms. She played a one note role and never left her comfort zone. And that is basically the filmís problems in general -- it never took risks and I never felt true passion. The risks it took were laughable at best and bore down to silly cinematography tricks that made the film appear even more amateur than before

When you watch a good love story you really feel as if these two people were meant for each other. You know that these two people are actors, but a part of you believes that they truly belong together. There was not one second that I felt that about Bella and Edward. And itís not about having stuff in common or because they like hanging out together. Itís because there exists a deeper connection that is unexplainable and unrelenting. Well, I donít believe that these two really love each other. I see them as more intrigued by each other -- Bella with Edward because heís mysterious and, well, a Vampire and Edward with Bella because he canít read her mind and she has a great smell.

Despite its flaws, Twilight is a competent, albeit forgettable movie and it does have a number of engaging moments. If this continues as a franchise -- and Iím sure it will -- the story probably wonít seem as contrived. Origin stories are usually the most troublesome and following that first, set-up film, the rough spots tend to work themselves out. The Twilight franchise has potential to be memorable but, judging from this first installment, it has a long way to go before getting there.