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A Minimalist Haven With Maximum Treats

As soon as you set foot into Truspa's minimalist oasis, smack in the center of Chinatown chaos, it's clear that any mundane preoccupations must be left far behind -- no ifs, ands or buts about it. From the all-white color scheme to the polished bamboo floors to the heavy silver-beaded curtain that leads to lavishly appointed locker rooms, Truspa's classical-futuristic ambience well prepares one for an enticing entry into the lap of luxury.

Aside from sporting the kind of décor that looks like it belongs in a modern art museum, Truspa is the kind of sanctuary that makes it easy to gird up one's loins and prepare for several hours of otherworldly relaxation. All treatments at Truspa begin at a minimum of 75 minutes and are generally customized to clients' specific needs, ranging from facials to massage to hydrotherapy treatments in their unique Tropical Rainforest Room.

A massage at Tru is a distinctive experience, because the spa supplements body treatments with colored light therapy in a variety of soothing hues for maximum relaxation and accentuated health benefits. One of the spa's most decadent massage treatments is The Full Monte, which incorporates a ginseng-based body mask with geranium oil and fruit mash into 95 minutes of serious kneading.

The Tropical Rainforest Room is where hydrotherapy treatments take place, and it's equipped with sprinklers that emit showers of warm water. Jungle Love is the prime hydrotherapy fix at the spa, and is 65 minutes of buttery coconut exfoliants and tropical fruit enzyme creams, along with a soothing walk through the waterfall.

In the locker room, I admire the novelty of the sinks -- instead of regular faucets, streams of water pour down in clean streams from tall stainless steel chutes. The waiting room is filled with monochromatic furniture and stacks of fashion magazines, and exotic trance music whispers through the speakers. I'm specifically waiting for the Tru02 facial. TruSpa's facials are some of the best in town, slightly longer than the typical hour-long treatments you can expect at other places, and specifically focused on deep cleansing (which means that while they're effective, they can also be more painful than other spa facials).

After burrowing into the soft blankets of the massage table, I am treated to a soothing foot and hand massage in addition to the Tru02, which utilizes top of the line products like Ole Henrikson and Skinceuticals. The treatment exfoliates, re-mineralizes, and deep-cleanses. All products used contain vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that detoxify, nourish, balance and hydrate the skin. The real treats, however, are the two blasts of pure oxygen that accompany the extractions and the finishing vitamin boost. Aside from neutralizing bacteria and stimulating collagen production, oxygen helps skin absorb vital nutrients and provides a cooling salve for irritated skin.

The aestheticians at Tru ensure that all treatments are as thorough as possible, depending on the customer's needs -- and my aesthetician even adds a bit of microdermabrasion, which uses small crystals to loosen dead skin and combat hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. When I am finished with my Tru experience, I am greeted with a flute of champagne and a tall glass of water. After a quick glance at some of the other treatment rooms, including a massage room with neon pink light, my curiosity and pleasure are piqued enough so that I'm sure I'll be back sometime soon to sample Truspa's other singular treats.