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True Body Wraps

A Different Kind of Spa

Tired of the same old massage or facial you're accustomed to getting when you walk into your neighborhood spa? Why not try a body wrap, which is great for slimming, detoxifying, or just plain feeling warm and buttery in a cocoon of foil and all-natural ingredients. If you're intrigued by the idea, give Laurel Heights outpost True Body Wraps a turn.

True Body Wraps is a teeny wisp of a spa, tucked behind a lush courtyard on tree-lined Sacramento Street. The establishment is miniscule but elegant, decked out in plush cushions and bamboo, and filled to the brim with rock gardens and murmuring water fountains, but you'll want to call before you see for yourself, because it's open by appointment only. There are only a couple employees, but don't be fooled by the size of the space, a modest studio split off into compartments by shoji screens. Inside, a mecca of beauty treatments and a long list of repeat clients await.

Aside from offering a ton of body treatments, massages, facials, waxing, and UV-free tanning, the real deal here is the body wrap. According to True Body Wraps' website, since the skin is the largest organ on the body, it requires special treatment. In addition to providing you with the requisite princess treatment, a body wrap has the detoxifying effects of a massage, paired with the cleansing benefits of a facial. True's wraps are designed to raise the body's temperature and induce perspiration, assisting in eliminating toxins and absorption of the oils, minerals, and trace elements. Not to mention the treatments are great for slimming, toning, and hydrating -- particularly when you're anxious to look hot on a big date.

True's Amino Collagen Wrap includes a medley of ingredients, from sulfur to marine mud, seaweed, and oshadi clay. After having the ingredients slathered liberally onto problem areas (they avoid the breasts, for obvious reasons), your "before" measurements are taken and you're wrapped up like a mummy and put in what I can only describe as an astronaut-like suit. True's wraps are now supplemented by a session of deep tissue vibrating massage, which breaks down tired fat cells and facilitates lymphatic drainage, meaning you'll be extra relaxed and detoxified once the treatment is over. As you smilingly doze off to tranquil music while you're being attended to, the wrap works its magic.

When I finally got out of my spacesuit, my "after" measurements were taken, and my tummy, arms, and thighs definitely looked a teeny bit less bulgy. The two or three inches total I lost attested to the treatment's success.

While the facials and massages are equally splurge-worthy (and great for spa babes on a budget), you'll understand why body wraps have been choice pampering treatments in Europe for decades after experiencing the tried and True for yourself.