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Treasure Island Music Festival

Island Fever

The Treasure Island Music Festival returns October 17th and 18th, marking the end of the 2009 Bay Area music festival season. In its third year, the formula for the event largely remains the same, with a mix of electronic/dance music (mostly Saturday) and indie rock (mostly Sunday). SF Station caught up with several acts on the bill to find out their most memorable festival moments of 2009 and what they would bring if they were stranded on the island for two days.

Question: What is your most memorable festival moment of 2009?

Paul Collins (Beirut): Watching The Very Best at Pitchfork fest. The crowd started so small and ended so big. People were going crazy. It was some of the best fun I had this year.

Rachel Williams (Sleepy Sun): Hm... Endless dance party, Wayne Coyne telling me I'm weird ooooor the timeless classic: waking up next to a new face.

Dan Deacon: Seeing Snoop at Lollapalooza. I'd never seen a huge hip hop show and seeing 50,000 people move their arms back and forth and up and down was unreal. It looked so beautiful and insane.

Headnodic (Crown City Rockers): Rocking at Earthdance.

Question: If you were stranded on an island music festival for two days, excluding food/water, what three necessities would you bring?

Paul Collins (Beirut): Ecstasy, Monster energy drink and a buck knife.

Rachel Williams (Sleepy Sun): Sunscreen, condoms and, provided they’re not already there, the rest of my band. They are very resourceful. If they’re already there, then I’d also need my toothbrush.

Dan Deacon: Sunblock. My own bathroom. Matthew Lesko.

Headnodic (Crown City Rockers): Nothing, I always bring too much, then don't need it. At a music festival, everything is pretty much there for you.

T.I. Festival Highlights

It’s hard to believe that less than two years ago this band opened in the earliest slot for Of Montreal in front of 50 people. The duo now finds itself holding court at the top of Treasure Island’s bill and on the verge of releasing its second major-label album.

Girl Talk
Gregg Gillis is a musical socialist. He creates music from a vast arsenal of Top 40 music, chops it up, pastes it back together for the good of the people and releases it to the masses -- usually for free. At his shows, he gets up close and personal with the audience, which often surrounds him on or off stage.

Local Acts
The festival lineup offers plenty of options for established acts, but promoters also didn’t skimp on local groups. On Saturday, bay area live hip hop band Crown City Rockers and electro-pop act The Limousines will start things off on the Bridge and Tunnel stages, respectively. Local trippy, heavy psychedelic outfit Sleepy Sun sets the mood Sunday, along with SF skate legend Tommy Guerrero’s smooth instrumental guitar work.

The Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips, a headliner at nearly every major music festival in the country at some point, is finally getting a chance to shine in SF with a set that will close the festival on Sunday. Even if you are not a fan of the Oklahoma City group, the spectacle of Wayne Coyne and company’s bag of tricks, which sometimes includes the singer walking on the crowd in a giant bubble, is reason enough to stick around for the final hour of the show.

The Treasure Island Music Festival is October 17th and 18th on Treasure Island. For more details, including transportation, lineup and ticket information, visit