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Tracie Broom

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Food Editor at SF Station from Fall 1999 to Summer 2009, Tracie Broom is a freelance writer, editor, website copywriter and event planner. Catch up with her foodie lifestyle and travel blog, The Yum Diary:
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San Francisco Dining in March 2002
By Tracie Broom (May 22, 2013)
Even as a five-year San Francisco resident, I don't suspect I'll ever completely wash that guilty young interloper feeling out of my hair, but at least membership in the club of laid-back appreciators of the neighborhood-based SF lifestyle has its benefits. Most of you, being the savvy, cold-chilling SF Station readers you are, will have already been to the neighborhood dining destinations I'm about to lay on you, but if not, here are the recent deets on some fine and fabulous low-key meals to be had in our fair city and beyond. More »
Explore Cortez for Small Plates and Big Chic
By Tracie Broom (Jul 14, 2009)
[b]This restaurent is now CLOSED.[/b] Geary Street shaped up in 2003. Just down the street from the glitzy CLIFT Hotel, enter the Hotel Adagio, yet another boutique hotel from the Joie de Vivre Hospitality Group. Within the Adagio is a camel-colored hall of drapes studded with comfortable tables and relatively well-heeled, multi-generational diners (capacity 120) sipping spot-on mango caipirinhas. Cortez is the latest restaurant venture from Pascal Rigo, owner of Bay Bread, Chez Nous, and La Table. The short verdict: Cortez is pretty great. We had a fabu time and thought the food was memorable. Go glam it up! Here's why. More »
North Beach Italian meets Mission Hip
By Tracie Broom (Jan 13, 2009)
While Specchio isn't going to make the cover of Food & Wine, the food is very good, the staff is friendly, wines are inexpensive, the atmosphere is hip enough to feel like you're really "going out". More »
Beauty: Skin Deep, As Usual
By Tracie Broom (Nov 05, 2008)
When a new spa opens in San Francisco, especially one touting itself as a high-end luxury escape, the perfectly plucked brows of spa mavens perk up across the city. But as a seasoned spa-goer can attest, there can be a pretty big difference between the PR hype and the naked reality. More »
Eat, Drink and be Merry
By Tracie Broom (Oct 28, 2008)
San Francisco is a barrel full of fish -- fabulous, restaurant-shaped fish -- and there's no letting up on the spawning. Come shoot the latest with us! It's holiday time. More »
Same Grand Veranda, Slightly Better Food
By Tracie Broom (Oct 07, 2008)
These days, serving upscale Vietnamese cuisine is by no means a pioneer move. But when Le Colonial opened its San Francisco branch in 1998, the concept was still fairly new. $10 cocktails with fresh ingredients were considered art nouveau, and dot-com bank accounts didn't flinch at the downtown prices. A (somewhat cheesy) nightclub element has since been added to the program, but what's remained steady is the appeal of Le Colonial's breezy veranda, its elegant interior, and its approachable, easily shared menu. More »
Destiny Shopping in Mill Valley
By Tracie Broom (Jul 23, 2008)
For ladies who love their labels (and their bargains), Diamonds in the Rough has become a must-visit stop on the Bay Area upscale consignment circuit. Much in the vein of My Roommate's Closet, Goodbyes and Retail Therapy in San Francisco, this friendly little Mill Valley consignment boutique sells nearly new designer clothes at 50% to 60% off of retail prices. More »
Pushing the Reset Button on Knotty Muscles
By Tracie Broom (Jul 01, 2008)
"Are those birthmarks?" a girlfriend asks, noticing the cascade of perfectly circular bruises across my shoulders as we suit up for a swim in the rooftop lap pool at UCSF's Mission Bay campus. The next day at Gray Whale Cove, a different friend exclaims, "Oh my god, what happened to your back?" and while at the Jay N' Bee Club later that night, another slyly inquires, "Um, what have YOU been up to, young lady?" More »
Browsing Shops, Hiking Bluffs, and Cozying up by the Fire
By Tracie Broom (Feb 28, 2008)
The Bay Area is full of good days. One of the mellowest and most rewarding is to be found 1.5 hours north, in the small towns that ring Tomales Bay, the shallow, cigar-shaped body of water that peacefully straddles the San Andreas Fault just east of Point Reyes National Seashore. More »
Only for the Light of Heart
By Tracie Broom (Dec 04, 2008)
Iíve been curious about supperclub since the San Francisco branch of this Dutch enterprise opened in 2005. Prix-fixe dining in bed, with performance art, in an all-white SOMA loft? Gimmicky, yes, but it still sounded like fun. However, the 4-star price tag, the hyper-clubby SOMA-meets-Miami techno scene, and an artistic mish-mash of Cirque du Soleil and Burning Man kept me and most of my friends at bay. More »
Tracie Broom's Articles
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