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At Total Health Clinic we offer a variety of services. We aim to provide the highest quality chiropractic care in a warm and caring environment. We strive to not just relieve pain, but to correct the underlying cause of a condition while educating patients how they may enhance their health and well being, thus preventing future problems.

One of the services we offer is Chiropractic, the Gonstead technique is a system used to analyze and care for the spine. It is a gentle, effective technique that is specific, accurate and precise in evaluating and adjusting the spine. The Gonstead system uses several different methods of analyzing the spine, such as X-Ray, instrumentation, motion and statis palpation. After the evaluation using these methods of analysis there is no guesswork. The Gonstead system is considered a Gold standard for Chiropractic techniques, because of its record of safety and effectiveness in correcting misalignment of the spine.

What conditions respond to our Care:
Headaches including migraine
Low Back pain and other types of pain located in the Neck, Arm,hand or shoulder, facial and also hip, leg or foot pain
Numbness and tingling
Whiplash, sports and other types of acute injuries,falls,sprains and strains
Pregnancy-low back discomfort
Infants to young adults
Stress, repetitive and job-related injuries
Second opinion of condition
Patients considering Surgery and want another opinion

We do NOT take work related injuries
We do NOT take HMO's
We do NOT take Medi-Cal
We don't take Liens for Auto Accidents