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Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit bundled up indoors. Get outside and be thankful you’re not buried under snow like our neighbors to the east. Take advantage of these outdoor and recreation retailers, our favorites in 2010.

Best Snow Gear Shop/Rental Spot: Mountain West
Amazing service and competitive pricing keep snowboarders and skiiers (seasoned and green alike) coming back to Mountain West. Whether you need help replacing or purchasing your first pair of ski boots, getting a board tune-up, or renting, Mountain West has you covered. While not as large as other sporting good retailers, specializing in skiing and snowboarding really puts these guys at the top of the class. http://www.sfstation.com/mountain-west-b24144301

Best Place to Get Acquainted With Roller Derby: Cruz Skate Shop
If you or anyone you know has experienced the slightest interest in Roller Derby or roller-skating, get down to Cruz. Co-owner and ex-derby girl Sandy “Motley” Cruz will gladly tell you everything you need or want to know about this bad-ass sport. Whether your budget is entry-level or top-shelf Sandy has the honest low-down and won’t try to up-sell you. http://www.sfstation.com/cruz-skate-shop-b24708822

Best Local Skateshop: DLX
San Francisco standby DLX has been outfitting locals and tourists for years with all their skateboarding necessities. A manufacturer and distributor of brands including Spitfire, Real, Antihero, Krooked and more, DLX offers reasonable prices with a non-pretentious attitude. They have a good selection of soft goods and shoes, skate mags, and vids, too. http://www.sfstation.com/dlx-skateboards-and-clothing-store-b169169

Best Bike Shop: Public
This is not the place for someone who wants a bottom-dollar mountain bike, nor is it for hipster bike snobs. Public offers lightweight steel (and stylish!) European city bikes perfect for riding ian San Francisco and transporting groceries, if you’re into that. Its location in South Beach means test rides are leisurely and you can actually focus on the bicycle rather an unfamiliar ride in traffic. Come here on a whim, or schedule an appointment for a test ride and the bike will be waiting for you when you get there. http://www.sfstation.com/public-b24830491

Best Swimwear Shop: Zoe Bikini
It’s never too early to get ready for summer. Zoë, owner of Zoë Bikini, has been making custom bikinis for almost two decades so it should come as no surprise that she knows just what to design to flatter real bodies. Customers are welcome to mix and match sizes and styles for best fit, and alterations can be made to tailor further. Zoë’s ready-to-wear line of bikinis is produced in the Mission District. http://www.sfstation.com/zo-bikini-a4131