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Tommie Sunshine Presents Ultra.Rock

Released on Ultra Records, 4/04/07

The word is that Thomas Lorello got his moniker from an orange LSD tab and thus, Tommie Sunshine was born! Tommie Sunshine Presents Ultra.Rock Remixed is a portmanteau of his hybrid art of modern rock unraveling with dance hall wonder stuff. Tommie Sunshine has found a unique way of blending the mid-80s sound with electro-dance without you feeling dated.

Tommie Sunshine’s talent has sneaked into films and video games in multitudes. His range of diverse credits include work with Fall Out Boy, Shiny Toy Guns, Yeah, Yeah Yeahs, Gang Of Four, Panic! At The Disco, The Killers, Pink, P.O.D., to start a list. While that’s just for the music end of things, Tommie Sunshine has even designed his signature sunglasses for Paul Frank. His past musical collaborations comprise works with Felix Da Housecat, Mark Romboy, DJ Hell and the legendary Arthur Baker.

Disc one of his coffer offers a super surprising treasury of gratifying gems starting with Panic! At The Disco. The addictive ear sugar on the first disc kicks it in with a remix track by Under The Influence of Giants called “MaMa’s Room.” Kill Hannah’s “Lips Like Morphine” pivots the very idea of its title. The tracks following this will leave you spinning like the cotton candy cloud you spun in on.

Whilst all that addictive high goes with the first disc, disc two is in need for some Armor All. The band list is more impressive on this disc with current and bygone chart busters like Good Charlotte, The Faint, Marc Romboy and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The scattered repetition challenged with Shiny Toy Guns’ hit “Le Disko” will give you as much of a high as sniffing sawdust. Fall Out Boy’s “Dance Dance” has as much effect as a cup of decaf in the morning. Gang Of Four’s “At Home He’s A Tourist” is like being a dollar short. P.O.D.’s “Will You” is as fascinating as basement florescent lighting.

His very own tunes maintains the rousing vibe with disc one as it maybe what’s carrying disc two. “Tokyo Pollution” and “Dance Among The Ruins” has a better hint of the target than the rest of what disc two seems to be offering. Now if you can just split his portmanteau and steal away with the first half...

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars