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Tiger Army

March into SF on 6/29 at Slim's

Celebrating a decade since their San Francisco debut, Nick 13 and the latest incarnation of California three-piece Tiger Army return to play Slim’s on June 29th.

Since Tim Armstrong (Rancid, the Transplants) latched hold of singer, songwriter and guitarist Nick 13 for a Hellcats records deal, without even so much as a full line up, Tiger Army have gone from strength to strength despite the odds sometimes stacking firmly and unapologetically against them. They’ve persisted through the trauma of their first drummer Fred Hell’s shooting and eventual departure from the band, and Geoff Kresge’s amicable exit from up-right bass duties after their 2001 Warped Tour stint. The new line up, consisting of 13, stand-up bassist and co-voxman Jeff Roffredo and drummer James Meza, have finally been receiving their due credit on their first US headline tour, selling out venues to the likes of fellow Fifties throw-back quiffster, Morrissey, who attended an LA show and who they recently supported in Liverpool just this past month.

Rockabilly punk all the way, Tiger Army's act is something energetic and electric to behold. They've supported the likes of Social Distortion, AFI, Irish Wonders, the Dropkick Murphys and the Almighty Damned to hone their talents. Recently selling out tours in Europe and Japan to their doting and rapidly growing legion of international fans, the response has been fantastic and promises to continue on their US tour supporting their third album Tiger Army: Ghost Tigers Rise.

The album is essentially more of the same, following up their self-titled 1999 Hellcat debut full-length record and 2001’s Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite. "Through the Darkness", a stand out track, exhibits 13’s theatrical vocals and a walking bass line from Roffredo that shows off his fret skills to the fullest. Something of an old goth-tinged Misfits style lurks in the writing.

Other set standards include fan favorites "Ghostfire" and the country and bluegrass-flared wails of "In the Orchard". But 13 promises there will be a few song surprises in each show since fans often follow the band around to each live performance in their area. “Even a diehard Tiger Army fan who's attended every show in their town will hear songs they've never heard and/or songs that haven't been played in years”, he says.

And Tiger Army fans are as diehard as they come; the bands official website has a gallery devoted to hundreds of photos of TA tattoos that fans adorn themselves with in tribute to the So-Cal rockabilly outfit.

Skinhead oi punks (with better manners), The Briggs proudly support alongside hardcore psychobilly four-piece Black Rose Phantoms to promise an all action, high energy line up that’s sure to rock Slim’s from start to finish and take no prisoners.

Tiger Army
at Slim's June 29th, 8pm
with The Briggs & Black Rose Phantoms
tickets: $16