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New Chef, Same Hot Room
By Thor Elliott (Aug 10, 2009)
Since its opening in 2004 in SF's historic district, Frisson has become a go-to spot for dinner or drinks in a swanky, mid-century modern setting. The warm orange interior, dominated by a giant domed ceiling paved in lights, calls to mind a trendy nightclub in the middle of a stylish Scandinavian airport. Never mind that I've never been to Scandinavia…What I have done is sample the relatively new menu of Executive Chef Sarah Schafer, installed in February 2005 to replace Daniel Patterson. More »
Destination Restaurants with Eclectic Menus & Expensive Tastes
By Thor Elliott (May 13, 2006)
Sometimes you want a fantasy setting with exotic cuisine from your dining experience, and San Francisco has more than a few destinations sporting fusion menus, over-the-top interiors, and of course, high price tags. Two of these are Asia de Cuba in the Clift Hotel, and Trader Vic's, revived as of 2005 in the old home of Stars restaurant near City Hall. More »
Bistro Cuisine of Puglia at Belden Place
By Thor Elliott (Apr 19, 2005)
San Francisco's Belden Place is well known for its French bistros and outdoor seating, as well as a general European vibe that is reinforced by a preponderance of patrons smoking filterless cigarettes in the table-filled alley. Brindisi's Southern Italian menu offers a fair distraction from the hubbub of the street, and the super-charming Italian waiters, when they are not too hurried to bring you water, make for at least 50% of the positive dining experience. More »
Downtown Fancy
By Thor Elliott (Oct 11, 2004)
Should you find yourself downtown with a hankering for finery, here are three spots to give a whirl: Frisson for design-savvy glam and Litebrite flavors, Tonno Rosso for the bay view and rustic Northern Italian cooking, and Roy's for pork lumpia and homemade ginger ale sorbet floats. More »
Yamo Reopens in Style
By Thor Elliott (May 25, 2004)
The space has been transformed from an inhospitable hole in the wall to a hip, clean, welcoming cavern serving Tao-Hue's short, creative menu of Thai, Malaysian and Indian flavors. Olive greens, dark reds, and a variety of cool, kitschy art pieces make up the décor, and DVDs of visual treats like Bollywood videos project silently on the wall while mellow music floats above in the tall shoebox-like space. More »
Thor Elliott's Articles
1 to 5 of 5