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There Will Be Blood

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Itís not easy to write an original story about vampires, but Chan-wook Park has done it. Thirst is a buoyantly refreshing story about a priest who turns to sucking blood after an ill-conceived transfusion leaves him hungry for human flesh.

Itís one of the best movies this year -- gory, disgusting and thoroughly entertaining -- and the director of Oldboy pulls it off with incredible style, even at its macabre end, when it seems like his story is veering off the tracks. The moral of his tale is simple enough: Bad people make bad vampires. The priest (Kang-ho Song) wants to be a decent, moral person, able to restrain himself even in the face of temptation. When he bites his girlfriend, he realizes what evil she is capable of.

There is an exhilarating thrill in watching Thirst unfold: It is a wonderfully imaginative film that will terrify you as much as in tantalizes you. Itís a chilling thriller, with about as much scares as you could hope for, but in the end, it is endearingly optimistic. It has a heart even if its blood-sucking leads donít.