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Things are Rough All Over


It was a grey Tuesday morning as I sat in my bed, smoking a cigarette out the window and watching the entire American Market collapse on the morning news. From the Lehman Brothers to the AIG, everything was collapsing, and I was unnerved. Shootings in the Mission, dead bicyclists in the Richmond, and me in the midst of fighting with my partner left an unsettling wrench in my gut. I started wondering, am I the only one going through this? Then I thought back about the week and realized how not alone I was.

For starters, the drag community and its expansive fan base were struck with mourning this week as the news came forth that the Steve Lady, the 1st Miss Trannyshack and legendary Drag performer of yesteryear, passed away on Monday night. He was a beloved staple in the drag community, and his androgynous gender morphing abilities helped make Trannyshack the event it was. He will be missed by many!

The weekend seemed to boast an unsavory blend of events designed to inebriate the entire city past the point any recognition. With the gloomy weather and the lack of excitement in the air, most people spent their Saturday hidden deep within Blackout, the daytime party at the Bar on Castro that keeps everyone in the dark, and transformers the daytime into one long, drunken night. The windows blacked out and the doors shut, all there is to do is drink heavily and pray that you could make it through. When friends started calling me around nine or ten, they were so off their rockers that I couldn’t seem to understand where they were or what they were doing. It was disconcerting for me in my sobriety, but last I heard all those waste-oids had a blast!

Sunday didn’t faire much better for the gays. The lack of sun made the park a wasteland, and kept the beer busts from buzzing to boot. Even the Sisters looked sad as they raised money to help sick puppies. Maybe it was the sick puppies, or maybe I just wasn’t feeling it! Either way, it was a dreary day.

Monday night, as the Steve Lady peacefully passed, the best event of the week was taking place in his honor. It was the first ever Project Runway competition at Tiara Sensation. Entrants were asked to style a look in three stages, day to evening to walk of shame. There were two hours to create, with Glamamore as Tim Gunn and a walk-off to end all others. I was of course vying for Ambrosia Salad, but her team was not granted a stapler and lost their way. The winner of the evening was everyone’s favorite dragzaster Lady Bear, whose outfit had her stripping down to her birthday suit with a rosebud taped affixed to her derriere. It was shameful, and she had Michael Kors Light in a tizzy. Plus, her pony stride rivaled the legendary runways of Detroit, and her plucky “just-go-with-it” attitude won the night. It is rumored that this ever so fun night will become a new monthly event, and I look forward to many inspired competitions to come. I do so love a new look!

While the runway was cooking and the queens were boozing it up, who was throwing a fit over her finished look? Who was pooh-poohing the crowd at Moby Dick’s cause they pooh-poohed her? Maybe it was because her wig looked cheap and her face looked so old! And speaking of old, whose event has become so old and tired that it may be forced to close its doors? And who else might be retaliating against the changes to the Transfer by shutting their party down for good? Well, I know all the answers, but I can’t spill it yet. That would entail that I break a Pinkyswear!