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The Veils - Sun Gangs

Released on Rough Trade, 4/7/09

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Born from the night and the roaring wind The Veils new release, Sun Gangs, is an artful London blast by way of New Zealand. It's a distinct musical collage that sprinkles in Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Tom Waits and spices and flavors from the 60s. With Finn Andrew's vocals, Sophia Burn on bass, Dan Raishbrook on guitar and Henning Dietz on drums The Veils' third album grabs your ears right from the start with “Sit Down By The Fire”, a rocking hymn that has beautiful, heartfelt lyrics drunk with the dysphoria of a relationship coming to a close.

The album has a distinct mix of upbeat, hard charging hymns ("Sit Down By The Fire", "The Letter, Killed By The Boom" and "Three Sisters") with slow and moody processional ballads ("Sun Gangs", "It Hits Deep", "Scarecrow"). “The House She Lived In” with its 60s love ballad feel and “Begin Again” with its soothing piano ballad both stick out from this collage and provide a well rounded mature sound to this proficient master work. “Larkspur” which is the longest track on the album at over 8 minutes has Raishbrook's haunting guitar and Andrew's eerie lyrics forming a crescendo of Dietz's crashing drums giving you a feeling like something has a hold on you.

Overall this album has something everyone can take from it. And it's nice to see that after their releases of The Runaway Found and Nux Vomica the talent well is still flush and producing bountiful fruits. Out of all the music this year, Sun Gangs is sure to be cast out of the shadows by an unknown hand.