The Valley Express of the Bay Area

3046 Woodside Road , Woodside, CA
+1 650.851.4918
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The Valley Express will be a High Speed Train connecting the San Francisco Bay Area to its Easterly Suburban Communities in Blazing Speeds!  Connecting Commuters and Businesses alike to the Ever Popular San Francisco Peninsula with an Additional Bay Crossing.

As part of the Northern California Rail Modernization Plan, The Valley Express Plans to be a very necessary Link for the Bay Area and it’s thriving work force.  For Residents and Commuters from nearby Suburbs alike, know how vital another Bay Crossing would be for the Bay Area.  Today the population and traffic for the San Francisco Bay Area is climbing at a rapid rate.  Commuters can take hours to get to work and back home due to housing prices at an all-time high. They are forced to travel long distances while sacrificing time away from family and friends.  Click on the Map above to learn more about the California Rail Modernization Plan.