The Tantric Way Massages

On call, San Jose, CA
408 833 6499
Adult, Adult Massage
Sun - Sat (5 pm - 7 am)


This is for all you lovely ladies who need more than a night out for relaxation. Let my hands treat your body with the care it deserves and in an ambiance that you feel comfortable in. I offer massages with aromatic oils from India and other oriental nations which can relieve your body stresses and loosen your muscular tensions in a way never felt before. Feel free to ask anything that you may desire. Our only intention is to serve you such that you become a loyal client. We serve you on call so you have to make arrangements for the place. (Your place or a decent hotel room) So call now on 408 833 6499 and leave a message. Will get back to you and take you on a never forgetful journey !