The Setup Presents: Comedy vs Nerds

Thu Dec 7 (full schedule below)
The Beer Basement - Ales Unlimited
08:00 PM
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Comedy vs. NerdsSan Francisco standup comedy show that brings the sweet delightfulness of joking about tech startups, internet and other technology.
“We absolutely loved hosting Comedy vs. Nerds at Geekdom San Francisco. Comedy vs. Nerds was a delightful break from the typical events we host. The comedians were talented and there wasn't a moment when I was not laughing. I can't wait to host them again and continue to bring lightness and laughter to our work.”- Whitney Hofacker, Geekdom SF/Rackspace
“Only in San Francisco. It was a hilarious evening poking fun at the people I deal with every day.”- Karen X. Cheng, CEO at
“Comedy vs. Nerds is a super successful show. We've hosted them a few times and they've sold out every show. We love having them!"”- Duncan Wold, Pianofight
“Comedy VS Nerds is funniest thing since Windows Vista. Seriously, put your keyboard down and go see this. Nerd.”- Robert Manson, Rdio
“Comedy vs Nerds makes me ashamed and proud of my nerdy teenage years. Finally people laughing with me instead of at me.”- Matt Harris, CEO, SendWithUs
“Mike and his team entertained at our office holiday party this year. They seemed to do some research on our company and catered their jokes to the industry we work in. It was both funny and relatable. Our group enjoyed having them round out our festive event.”- Denis Krylov, Partner, Transparent House


  1. The Beer Basement - Ales Unlimited 222 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA