The Roast of a Street Kid

Event has passed (Sat Feb 22, 2014 - Sat Feb 22, 2014)
Playland Bar
7:00pm - 9:00pm
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RoastSF is back with the first roast of 2014.... And well... it's a dooozie.

RoastSF Presents:

The Roast of a Street Kid!
-staring Owen and Baby Girl.
Live! Saturday February 22nd, 7:00pm Playland

Sick of those homeless kids always pestering you to buy weed, pooping on the sidewalks, sleeping in our parks, being all no job having and smelly.... Well, for one night only... In a city where sensitivity and open-mindedness is high.... Restrain and decency will not be had.... 8 of SF's hottest stand-up comics are coming together to let loose on Owen, his dog, the disease that is street kids, and eachother...

If you've never been to a live comedy roast, it's definitely one for the list! A better experience then any comedy you'll see online or on tv. Owen's both in on this and down for it, members of our dais are/were homeless (even more of them look homeless), Owen's friends will be in the audience, and he chose Make-A-Wish as the charity we will donate part of every ticket too, yea if you don't laugh you hate kids, even bat kid. And if you hate Bat Kid, Ed Lee hates you, and if Ed Lee hates you.... ohhhh shit.

Point being: Don't feel bad when you laugh so hard you pee yourself, and hey... then you'll smell like Owen ;)

Let the games begin!

This months dirty dais includes:

Emily Van Dyke (Ugh... So many jokes, so little time)
Cedric King (No relation to Martin Luther)
Laura Franzese (Not even her real last name)
Pete O'Keefe (Perfect)
Clay Newman (Not literally made of Clay)
Keith Swiggart III (The III part is unverified)
Natalie Fawzi (Doesn't really know what a roast is hehehe)
Joshua Waters (The "pro")
Jeremy Talamantes (Tamales anyone?)

RoastSF is an old school roast like you'd see at the Friars Club/Comedy Central. Drinking is encouraged and sensitivity is not. Laugh so hard it hurts.

After seeing this show people have been quoted saying things like:

-Audience Member

"He died from laughing too hard...."
-The Medical Examiner after our last show

"Wish they put that show on here...."
-Some guy at a major San Francisco comedy club

"2 Asian thumb up"
-Mayor Ed Lee

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  1. Playland Bar
    1351 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA