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The Proposal

Another Predictable Rom Com

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

While The Proposal has genuine moments of humor and heart, it is ultimately just another rehash of the same old romantic comedy story. The only reason the film doesnít fall completely flat is due to the casting of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds (give that Casting Director a cake!). Reynolds, who has unfairly been caught up in the rom-com genre for years, has a natural talent for humor, as does Bullock, and the two are able to give the film just enough lift to actually survive a viewing.

Itís on the reflection afterwards that one realizes how daft the story actually is and, despite the charisma of both stars, thereís actually very little chemistry between them.

Bullock is Margaret, the uptight editor of a major book publisher, who is hated by everyone in the office, especially her assistant Andrew (Reynolds). But Andrew is an exceptional assistant, who dreams of one day being promoted to an editor. When she finds out her visa has expired and she is to be deported back to Canada, Margaret blackmails him into a sham marriage to stay. Coincidentally, Andrew is returning home that weekend for a family gathering and Margaret tags along to tell his family of the engagement and to prepare for an immigration hearing the following week.

Anyone can guess that from here the two are constantly bickering and every scene is painted in awkwardness. What the film does well is to show why Margaret is the way she is and Bullock excels at loosening her up. Its the films ultimate goal of forging a love between these two that fails. Despite quality acting from Bullock and Reynolds, they just canít create that connection that all classic rom-coms have. Whether itís the fault of director Anne Fletcher (27 Dresses) is hard to tell. Either way itís a watchable journey that trails off into an unsatisfying end.