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The NBA Season

Get Settled, We're in for a Wild One

Just as fans begin to get into the season, we don't dare think out past Christmas. Hey, we're still watching football. We're still getting used to being surprised that Seattle and Phoenix are this good. There are no Yaos or LeBrons amongst this year's rookie crop, but Howard and Okafor are fun to watch. I can see you all snoring with a "Wake me in the spring" sign. But to those few who forgot to go dormant, don't tire, it will get more and more curious. The dreary November-December period is almost over. Until then...

How about the Suns? Sun? I'm not talking vacation unless you can get on down to Phoenix and take in a game featuring Amare Stoudemire and The Matrix. Steve Nash was on to something when he chose to drop Dirk and the Old Cuban to take a job in the land of cactus and creosote. He is the maestro conducting a sweet Sun symphony to the tune of 106+ per game. What a dream to run with two athletic forwards along with Richardson (Mr. Brandy) and Joe Johnson. On defense, they are keeping people in front on them and with the two All-Star tweeners, shots and passes are being contested. They will ultimately go as far as Stoudemire can raise his game because when push comes to shove, they'd better have somebody who can get 'that' board.

2) - Orlando. What a bold move to draft Dwight Howard. I know, there wasn't really anybody else other than Okafor. But we all remember Kwame Brown. Howard on the other hand is a man-child -> working out, getting bigger, and improving his shot. He sweeps the glass, puts it in the hole once in a while, swats a couple of shots and runs the floor with passion. Add to that a healthy GHill and a renewed Franchise, and you get a team on the rise. John Weisbrod has my vote for having the cajones to trade a superstar and radically improve his team. Not eventually. He's improved the Magic with one move overnight.

Seattle. I don't like the way the Sonics are doing it with the 3 ball. But if Ray Allen and the team can go all year at .400, it won't matter if I like it. They'll win a lot of games. But if they fail, don't look to me for a reason. I predict that they won't be able to keep the best record if they can't rebound because when your shot goes south, you need to have somebody who'll maintain the glass. I'll always stick to liking more of a power game. That said, I'm curious. The next few games against quality opponents will be a big indicator of what we're really looking at. I'm always willing to eat my words.

Most curious player to be averaging 20? Shaq. He's averaging exactly 20.0 points per game. Where are you going with your game Superman? You used to score in the high 20s year in, year out. If this is a new, more permanent trend, will people be questioning that the Lakers traded him? At the $30 million per year Shaq was looking for, the Lakers might have actually done okay to make the trade now. At the same time, maybe Shaq is amongst the many waiting for spring.