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The NBA Season

NoCal Hoops, Phoenix and more...

We've had a little time to assess the trades and take a look at the second half. So let's get at the trades...

Of note:
Mike James will be good with the Rockets. A defensive hawk, James has real quicks and solidifies the backcourt.

Nazr Mohammed gives San Antonio a guy who can guard other centers. Plus, he's a lefty.

Jim Jackson and Walter McCarty go to Phoenix basically completing their second unit.


Northern California basketball has been in decline with Sacramento and Golden State not really getting any closer to a championship. But with the trades this year, the Kings and Warriors have reason to hope for a better tomorrow.

Philly and Sacramento
Chris Webber is gone to the Sixers and in come the journeymen. My first impression was, "My God, they got rid of their best all-around player for a bunch of scrap metal." But seeing them against Detroit was enough to make me pay attention. This trade could possibly turn the King's season around. What they've lost in scoring, really wasn't anything. I'd rather have Bibby shooting when the game's on the line anyway. And now look at what they got. Hustle, defense, and diversity. Brian Skinner brings rebounding and good inside hustle, Kenny Thomas brings a little more scoring, but basically similar to Skinner. Corliss Williamson is a good post scorer. They do loose 21.3 pts, 9.7 rbs, 5.5 ast but the hustle gained puts Sac. in a better position come the playoffs.

Golden State and New Orleans
Baron Davis is in the house! I can't tell you how much I like this trade for the Warriors. When he's healthy, he's incredible. Paired with JRich in the backcourt (Dunlevy, Murphy) and Foyle in the front court, it's a legitimate team. And they didn't loose anything, just Speedy and Dale Davis. Look at the more recent games since the trade. The Warriors solid point guard play has them competitive. Now, let's see how Davis and JRich get along. This could be the making of an amazing tandem.

I see how everybody is talking up Nash this week. I can't agree more that his efficiency and humility are showing what a very good player -- who plays with the team in mind -- can do. (Who doesn't think Bob Cousy was all that now?) Certainly teaming with Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion doesn't hurt -- these guys finish around the basket. His in-between game is nice as well, which really helps him around the basket. As a defender what are you going to do? Come at Nash and the pass will already by you. Stay back and he'll drop that little 8 to 10 footer on you. Not fair. Let's withhold judgement until we get a little closer to the playoffs. But for now, the feeling is Phoenix definitely has as good a chance as anybody.

Special shout out to the Chicago Bulls. Great job getting a young team turned around.