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The NBA 2006 Season

Rounding Second

Another week of the grind. This is the time of year when the bruises pile up, the legs get heavy and there are increased back-to-backs. As fans, we appreciate this stage for it is when stars are made, momentum is gained and the race for ultimate glory begins. We see the poetry of the NBA baller's life. And for the players, the yearly contextualization of what the year really means moves more into focus. With that in mind, it's worth taking into account that Miami has finally started to make their move to change the perception that they have no chance against Detroit. While Dallas and San Antonio battle for the number one spot continues (more on that later), Phoenix awaits Amare's return.

Eye Catching

Denver Nuggets -- Since a trading deadline deal to acquire Ruben Patterson and Reggie Evans, the Nuggets have found a new toughness and have gone 4-1.

Yao Ming -- The player is finally asserting himself on offense. Since getting held to 6 points in 19 minutes against Phoenix, Yao has taken off. This is best run he's been on; 27.8 points, 13.7 rebounds over the last nine games.

Miami -- Even with Dwayne Wade hurt and missing a few of the games, Miami is starting to look like a team that could put up a decent fight against Detroit. They are ten in a row and counting.

Dallas -- That we're even talking about them fighting for the top spot in the West is a testament to the turnaround in Big D.

Top Five

Detroit Pistons -- There's nothing to say except that these guys are showing it, night in and night out.

San Antonio Spurs -- Another case of the cream always rising to the top.

Dallas Mavericks -- The team finally comprehends the true meaning of the word "team"; with Avery yelling it every day, they're getting it.

Phoenix Suns -- Another week without Amare and they're still cruising. Without Steve Nash they were blown away by the Spurs.

Miami Heat -- The team is starting to gel. When Shaq gets it going, they become more fierce.

Although it's another week of the obvious top five teams, Cleveland, LA Clippers, and Denver also deserve some mention.