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The Love X Nowhere

at Café Du Nord 10/4

The San Francisco based band, The Love X Nowhere brings their unique mellow, psychedelic infused rock to Café Du Nord on Tuesday, October 4. Celebrating the release of their second EP, Odyssey, The Love X Nowhere's latest album has the kind of sound that seems all too appropriate for San Francisco.

Languid, contemplative, and vaguely melancholy, many of the songs from Odysseyi seem well suited for a foggy and cool evening in the city. The Love X Nowhere was spawned by founding members Gabriel and Michael. Formerly the frontmen for the space rock influenced Muad Dib, it's clear a similar sound and feel has directed the song production of The Love X Nowhere.

With the release of Odyssey, The Love X Nowhere is hoping to attract a broader audience while still appealing to their current base of local fans. October 4's CD release party and concert will provide an excellent opportunity to cover both bases.