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The Juan Maclean - less than human

A New Kind of Spirituality - Released August on DFA/Astralwerks

Collectively created inanimate objects dominate our landscape. We traded drums and guitars for laptops and our old trees for new high rises. The electronic has become the new relative for the manmade creations dominating our everyday lives. We're dialing in on a new kind of spirituality that will expand music's base derivative for 100's of years to come. The only job now is to decide what gets passed on to future generations and what stays in the gutter.

Juan Maclean's self-inflicted expulsion from Six Finger Satellite delivered a blow to the progression of underground robotica. So now we have less than human, released 10 years later, a solo album that reaches far, and I mean far, and wide. Funky old school electronic variations shuffle through every song on this album like a Michael Jackson moon dance move by one of the Mario Brothers. The release of this sonically pure album reveals that there is indeed a time and place for everything. The Juan Maclean has made music for the potentially energetic masses.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars