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The Honeymooners

The Honeymoon is Overů

The latest fad of refashioning popular television series into feature length films continues with The Honeymooners. It's an interesting choice, as the film is clearly not aimed at the audience that originally watched the show when it was on the air. The audience at which this film is aimed likely has never heard of the original television series on which it's based. While certain elements of the original show are intact, some modern twists are introduced. Unfortunately, the combination of the old and the modern results in an uneven comedy that elicits few laughs.

A large part of the humor from the original series stemmed from Ralph Kramden's frequently un-PC utterances such as, "POW! ZOOM! To the moon!" (typically directed at his wife). Obviously, these kinds of lines would serve to offend certain viewers today and are largely absent.

Much of the so-called humor in The Honeymooners stems from the bus driving Ralph Kramden (Cedric the Entertainer) and sewer working Ed Norton (Mike Epps) hatching harebrained scheme after harebrained scheme in their attempt to get ahead. The results are fairly predictable as they continuously get scammed, conned, and otherwise screwed. Far from funny, it's mostly sad and pathetic.

Equally sad is the feeble story that keeps this dinghy afloat. The Honeymooners, comprised of Ralph, Alice (Ralph's wife, played by Gabrielle Union), Ed, and Trixie (Ed's wife, played by Regina Hall), eke out a marginal existence in a dingy apartment living hand to mouth. Yet somehow they have a top-of-the-line widescreen television.

This foursome dreams of owning a home of their own. Conveniently, a golden opportunity to own a duplex drops in their life. But, there's a catch, they have to come up with twenty grand for a down payment. Cue the absurdity as Ralph and Ed fumble, bumble, and otherwise screw themselves in trying to come up with the cash.

The only redeeming (and humorous) moments in the film involve the typically weird, off kilter performance of John Leguizamo who plays a sketchy dog trainer/fashion consultant/car thief/etc. who becomes a key player in one of Ralph and Ed's lame schemes.

However, Leguizamo's schizophrenic performance is largely wasted on a film that simply failed to do anything particularly well. If this is the honeymoon, I say skip the nuptials entirely.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars