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The Girl Next Door

A socially challenged high school senior named Matthew (Emile Hirsch) gets one hell of a wakeup call when ex porn star Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert- the hot chick from 24) moves in next door. Immediately the two begin a nearly innocent fling that leads to Matthew shedding his scholarly ways and embracing the idea of living a less structured life.

Unfortunately, when Kelly (Timothy Olyphant), Danielle's former porn producer, tracks her down, things take a turn for the worse and hijinks, as always, ensue.

Tons of skin, some very funny scenes, snappy dialogue, and a well-written story all combine to make this a pretty good movie. Other than the gaggle of porn chicks, Timothy Olyphant steals the show as the slimy pornographer. Warning, though, this one's not for children (Duh.).