The Ferocious Few w/ The Black

Event has passed (Sat Sep 4, 2010 - Sat Sep 4, 2010)
Bottom of the Hill
Show @ 9:30PM
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Two-man duo The Ferocious Few formed in 2006 when Francisco Fernandez (composer/guitar/vocals) and Daniel Aguilar (percussion) took their informal jam sessions in Oakland, CA to the streets of San Francisco with a portable P.A.. The Ferocious Few's stripped down, lo-fi sound has been classified as rock, punk, or rockabilly, and along with the bluesy elements of Fernandez's howling vocals, The Ferocious Few's raw sound may be best categorized in the increasingly ambiguous genre of garage rock.
After recording the 5-song EP From The Streets to Your Heart in the summer of 2007 on Pro Tools in the back of a New Jersey strip club, they began selling it by the hundreds, then thousands, at local shows and street performances in and around San Francisco. This garnered them enough of a local buzz in to gain some spots around the country, and when they arrived back home they found themselves being sought out to play at San Francisco's premiere venues. Remaining true to the title of their first EP, they could also still be found playing on the corner of O'Farrell and Powell streets with their portable equipment. "I like to be on the same level with everybody," says Fernandez about street performing, "What does the stage mean?"
Whether playing on the streets of San Francisco with a portable P.A. or at Shoreline Amphitheater's Download Festival 2008, The Ferocious Few deliver a tight, intimate performance regardless of the venue, signatured by Aguilar's heavy train beats with Fernandez's strained guitar and voice chiming in over the top to round out their sound.
In traditional rock angst fashion, vocalist and composer Francisco Fernandez sings of heartbreak, pain, and lost love while referencing it all to the post-modern world around him and how it relates to everyone else. "Our music is based on struggle, and that's what I think people can relate to," he says, "I want to create something that's relevant to our culture, not alienated by it."

The Black-
"..the new EP "Donna" feels like a quantum leap. This is the
kind of country that Bob Dylan used to make — lead twang, lightly
strummed rhythm guitar, unobtrusive bass and driving drums.
"Eshu Blues" and the title track really do sound like "Blonde on
Blonde" outtakes. Clearly, they should have been on the soundtrack
for "I'm Not There." -Austin American Statesman
"Capping off a night of neo-retro, the Black bakes a new set of
nuggets from its already recorded but unreleased Donna EP, which
pours classic garage pop and Sweetheart of the Rodeo-era Byrds into
a Muswell hillbilly bouillabaisse."
-Austin Chronicle
"Weaving a spell of disjointed guitar pop hypnotizing in its
interplay and charming in its simplicity. Straight Americana and 60's British Invasion sounds, twisted, filtered, spit out shiny and unique."-Rank and Revue Magazine


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