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“To disturb the composure of; daunt” is the manner in which the word, faze, is defined in most dictionaries. But to us the word and the concept mean so much more. In our minds, FAZE is also an acronym which stands for Fearless And Zealous Everyday. Together, both the concept and the acronym is the lifeblood of our San Francisco-based men’s clothing brand – FAZE Apparel.

Since 2007, FAZE Apparel has strived to change the composure of the street wear industry and daunt the non-believers by taking different angles with our designs. In every piece of our clothing, you’ll notice unique, bold prints and quality fabrics, all with harmonious color schemes. We tend to take a creative path that is less traveled by others in the industry with our one-of-a-kind San Francisco-made clothing. This ultimately shows the fearless nature of the brand and this fearlessness is what gives us our identity.

To us and our supporters, the concept of FAZE is more than a brand; it’s also a mentality that should be upheld daily. Take a brief moment to internalize the following question – How can a person be stopped from achieving their goals if they live fearless and zealous everyday? They can’t be stopped therefore the sky is the limit for all of us. Stay FAZE’d out my people!